Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer Treament Types

Surgical removal (excision) of the affected skin is one of the most effective skin cancer treatments. Excision involves removing the entire melanoma along with a border (margin) of normal-appearing skin. More treatment may be needed based on the stage of the melanoma.

Initial treatment

Melanoma may be cured if detected and treated in its early stages when it affects only the skin. If melanoma is confined to the skin (primary melanoma), surgery is the best option to the affected skin. If the melanoma is thin and has not invaded surrounding tissues, excision may cure the melanoma. In more advanced stages, melanoma may spread, or metastasize, to other organs and bones, requiring additional treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy.

Treatments used for melanoma include:

Metastatic melanoma

Swollen or tender lymph nodes may be a sign that the melanoma has spread (metastatic melanoma). Any enlarged regional lymph nodes should be removed and checked for melanoma. When melanoma has spread to only one tumour in another location, metastatic melanoma sometimes can be successfully treated with surgery. But metastatic melanoma usually responds poorly to most forms of treatment.

Recurrent melanoma

Melanoma can come back after treatment. This kind of recurrent melanoma, like metastatic melanoma, usually cannot be cured with treatment. Treatments that may help include: