A cancer that invades the body's lymphatic cells, Lymphoma sufferers usually undergo a variety of treatments. Despite this, Lymphoma has one of the best survival rates out of all the cancers. Learn about various symptoms of Lymphoma and some of the treatments here.

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Leading hostpitals for Lymphoma

Below are the UK's current leading lymphoma hospitals.

Christie Hospital NHS Trust

A large dedicated cancer center in Manchester in the North West of England. The Web site includes sections for both patients and for health professionals. (UK)

Institute of Cancer Research - University of London / Royal Marsden
The Institute was founded in 1909 and is involved in a wide range of clinical and laboratory research. This site includes details of the Institute, patient information, research, news, links, etc. (UK)

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
An international not-for-profit organization which conducts long-range research programs in cancer research. The Web site includes details of programs, branches, clinical trials, and cancer information. (UK)

Paterson Institute for Cancer Research - Manchester
The Institute is part of the Christie Hospital NHS Trusts and is affiliated with Victoria and UMIST universities. The Web site includes information about the Institute, its departments, endocrinology, free radical research, links etc. (UK)

Royal Marsden Hospital
A large comprehensive cancer center founded in 1851 by Dr William Marsden. The Web site includes patient information, details of research, courses, and clinical services. (UK)