Lung Cancer

Find the latest information about Lung Cancer here at No Surrender. A debilitating disease, it is important that research into Lung Cancer treatment is continued in order to help the many sufferers and their families.

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Symptoms and Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

More than 25% of patients with lung cancer have no symptoms when the cancer is diagnosed. It is usually identified incidentally with a chest X-ray performed for other reasons. The other 75% patients develop some symptoms which may be due to the direct effects of the primary tumour, metastases or disturbances of hormones, blood, or other systems.

Symptoms of lung cancer include cough, coughing up blood or rusty-coloured phlegm, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, chest pain, recurrent respiratory infections, hoarseness, new wheezing, and shortness of breath. Symptoms of metastatic cancer depend on the extent and location of the cancer spread. About 30-40% of people with lung cancer have some symptoms or signs of metastatic disease

Lung Cancer Metastasis: