Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of female centric cancers - but it can also affect men. There is a wealth of support and information out there regarding Breast Cancer - remember that you're never alone in your fight against cancer.

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Breast Cancer Support Groups and Organisations

Against Breast Cancer

To raise funds for research into producing a vaccine against breast cancer and for long term survival after breast cancer.  Our own research into a vaccine against breast cancer and research into long term survival after breast cancer looking at the secondary spread.

Asian Women's Breast Cancer Group

Provides telephone support,visit patients and carers. Has relaxation, aromatherapy and collect patients.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Campaigns & Advocacy Network, or Breakthrough CAN for short, was created from the merger between the UK Breast Cancer Coalition (UKBCC) and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Breakthrough CAN's aim is to bring together individuals and organisations to campaign for improvements in breast cancer services across the country. Through supporting and training members, Breakthrough CAN will help to increase the influence of people in decisions made about breast cancer.

As well as working with members to advance their own campaigns, Breakthrough CAN also ensures that Breakthrough Breast Cancer's policy and campaigning activities reflect the views of the people affected by and concerned about breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care

The first UK web site for women with benign breast problems how to deal with breast pain pain checklist which lists all the information you need to tell your GP what to do if you discover a lump Your Questions Answered

Breast Cancer Haven

Aims to lead the way in complementary and alternative medicine in helping to heal the mind, body & spirit, through group support & individual programmes. Works with healthcare professionals to promote integrated breast cancer care

Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

A national helpline providing information and help to women concerned about a family history of breast cancer. An information pack is available. Also holds a database of women who are in this position and who are happy to talk to others.

UK Breast Cancer Coalition

The UK Breast Cancer Coalition was founded in 1995 by women with personal experience of breast cancer. It brings together individual, regional groups and national organisations, to campaign for improvements in access to breast cancer services. Through supporting and training members to become informed patient advocates in their own right, it aims to increase the influence of patients in decisions regarding all breast cancer issues.