Bowel and Colon Cancer

Bowel and Colon Cancer affects thousands of people every year. Find out more about the different symptoms, treatments and varying prognoses here at No Surrender.

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Bowel and Colon Cancer Prognosis and Survival Rates

Bowel cancer and Colon cancer have a relatively good prognosis compared with most other solid cancers. Between 50 and 60 per cent of people with colorectal cancer survive for five years, after which a return of the cancer is uncommon. If the disease is caught at a time when the tumour has not spread through the bowel wall (so-called Dukes grade A), then the cure rate is over 90 per cent. 



Colonoscopy carries a perforation rate of about 1 per 300 procedures, and a death rate of 1 per 5000. Perforation may be the result of polypectomy (polyp removal), particularly in the right colon where the bowel wall is thinner and where polyps more commonly have a flat base.


About 5 in every 100 patients will die by 30 days after an operation to remove bowel cancer. Possible complications after surgery include:

Patients are routinely given antibiotics to prevent infection from any minor leakage of the repaired bowel, and preventive anticoagulation (blood thinning treatment) with heparin to protect against possible deep vein thrombosis.