No Surrender is a cancer charity that provides an online social network for those suffering cancer. We're also a Fellowship that researches into cures for pancreatic cancer. We offer a haven and a place of refuge for those experiencing the devastating effects of cancer but we're also an information hotspot. Through our network of cancer sufferers, survivors and experts, we offer an array of support to those suffering from the disease.

Welcome to No Surrender!

Welcome to No Surrender.

Firstly, thank you for visiting but secondly, we know that the reason for your visit might mean a couple of things: you might be suffering from or know someone who is suffering from cancer. While the reason for your visit may be shrouded in anxiety and fear, let us take this opportunity to extended a helping hand, some hope and above all, a smile. Because that's why we're here. No Surrender are here to help.

No Surrender is a Charitable Trust, founded by Jason Boas in 2007, that aims to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer. Jason was a remarkable man whose life was cut short by pancreatic cancer. At only 33 years old Jason was diagnosed with what is often labelled as the impossible cancer by the medical community; but, determined and resolute, Jason strove to raise awareness of the disease and raised a laudable £150,000 for pancreatic cancer research and support. Despite his condition, Jason remained upbeat, good humoured and strong, with an unwavering drive to bring together pancreatic cancer sufferers and offer support and hope through an online network. We hope this site continues to honour him.

Whether you are currently living with cancer or know someone who is dealing with the disease, you can find real-time, real-life support by navigating your way through to the Social Family section of the site. Here you can talk to other sufferers on our forum, share your own story and find advice from fellow sufferers and their families.

Our charity's roots may lie with pancreatic cancer, but we also offer a host of further information about lung, lymphoma, cervical, bowel, colon, prostate, testicular, skin, and breast cancer. We look at their varying causes, symptoms, treatments and prognosis as well as listing current support groups and leading hospital information for each type of cancer.

We're proud of No Surrender but there is still a long way to go in raising awareness about pancreatic cancer. Please feel free to donate so you, too, can help change thousands of lives and help set a better future in motion for cancer sufferers around the world.

Finally, if you would like to get a much better idea of what we do and why, watch the video below documenting Jason's life alongside the continuing fight towards finding a cure.

Thank you.